PHT branded T-shirts

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Premium American-made organic cotton T-shirts that anybody would be proud to wear. 

IMPORTANT: These are somewhat of an athletic fit and not sloppy, especially the size large and down, the larger ones don't seem to be quite the same situation.  The ladies shirts in particular are pretty form fitting.  We won't say they are tight, but we'll just say that if you're halfway in shape, they'll make you look great and they are sized properly yet slim so I recommend staying true to size if that's the effect that you want, otherwise they may feel a little snug from what you're used to, especially if you machine wash them.  If you like your shirts to be looser fitting we recommend going up one size if possible. 

If you're not familiar with organic cotton, the short story is that it's softer than your typical 100% cotton shirts, but it's also much better for the environment due to using natural rainwater in natural climates instead of irrigation, no pesticides or other chemicals, it's not bleached, and no petroleum products used.  Plus at least these are made in the USA.  The popular outdoor brand Patagonia uses organic cotton extensively and everybody loves it but no these don't come from them.  

Regarding the price: keep in mind these are premium shirts, organic cotton and American made.  To be honest this is our break even price after shipping, not counting time.  We would love to give them out for free to everybody but each batch costs thousands of dollars and that's probably not the smartest form of advertising. 

We currently have men's sizes S-3X and womens XS-XL.  A couple other sized may be available upon request but 3X is the largest that we can get from the manufacturer.  

Thanks for the support!