Paducah Home Theater was created by owner/president Cory Harrison (pictured with the girls on the Klipsch social media team) out of a passion for all things audio as well as being a huge movie geek. The journey started with IASCA and SPL competitions in car audio, and moved to electrical engineering school in hopes of being the guy who designs massive concerts.  After "life" happened, he ended up being the first graduate of Murray State's popular Telecommunication Systems Management program, working as a software engineer for a bank data processor as well as consulting for several aerospace and defense oriented semiconductor manufacturers.  Nowadays he is a full time audio dealer, responsible for sales, shipping, and other daily operations.  


Steven Due on the right (pictured with Klipsch engineer Roy Delgado on the left) is a huge audio enthusiast. He began his audio adventure at the young age of 14, hustling car audio gear out of the back of a minivan during high school. He took a break from doing this in 2005 and served in the United States Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician for 8 years, working on F/A-18 fighter jet communication, radar, and navigation systems. After moving back from overseas, he was able to get into brands like Klipsch, SVS, and Denon, at this point realizing just how much audio meant to him, the hobby never got old. He currently spends his days as a Parts Manager for Central Power Systems and Services, a large Detroit Diesel and Allison Transmission distribution company that covers the central United States. In his off time he enjoys helping fellow enthusiasts with troubleshooting, setting up, and piecing together the ultimate Hi-Fi / home theater systems.


Jason Metzger's love for audio and video started at a young age. Following his brother’s band around to different shows every weekend sparked an intense interest in music. His early production days were centered on creating music videos for local artists and talent which was the seed that grew into a future career in video production. After graduating from Ball State University with a degree in Production Telecommunications, he began working/touring as Video Technical Director for The Price is Right Live. When his son was born though, he decided to break away from life on the road and started working for Klipsch. While this was a great gig and an awesome opportunity, he parted ways with Klipsch after a few years and opened his own production company called All At Once Productions. He continued (and is still) creating videos for Klipsch as their preferred contract videographer. After linking up with Cory on the Klipsch-Owners Facebook page, the PHT TV channel was born and, the rest is YouTube history.


PHT has a fully staffed local warehouse with redundant workers so your items will ship regardless of what the sales guys are up to.  Pictured here is Willie who is unloading a shipment from Klipsch.  Other workers rotate in and out but Willie is a constant.  Our main warehouse area is approximately 50,000 square feet with multiple truck bays, multiple forklifts / picking machines / golf carts, multiple workers, a pallet wrapping machine, all centrally located in the heart of the nation for minimal ship times, and several accounts with various carriers to get the lowest prices and fastest transit times.  This operation can hang with anybody out there.  


What started as a mission to bring the excitement of home theater to the immediate western Kentucky area has taken a life of it's own, with a much broader reach.  At this point, our service in terms of logistics can rival most anywhere, with fast shipping in general, freight service whenever possible, and one of the nicest warehouses out there.  We are one of the top dealers with multiple brands that we carry.  Just as one example we put more Klipsch Jubilees into residential homes than anybody, anywhere.  


This growth doesn't negate the personal touch though.  The industry is full of salespeople who aren't passionate to put it nicely, who have misled ideas about audio science, who are more concerned about their commission than about helping you, who can't answer the hard questions, and who have limited first hand experience with the nicer items.  We strive to be different.  


Currently we are primarily a dealer for:

Klipsch speakers including Heritage and Professional

Perlisten Audio, one of the first dealers in North America

Cyrus Audio, Q Acoustics, SurgeX, Sony, JVC, Sanus

SVS subwoofers and speakers including Ultra

Parasound amplifiers including Halo

... plus we have dozens of others not listed.

We are primarily a national retailer who empowers, helps, and educates DIY guys.  We don't have time for installations to be honest, but referrals to top design services, audio calibration, and video calibrators are available.  Call 270-556-8427 to see what is possible.