Octane Continental LHR

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Note: please make one order per row, specify the number of seats you want in that row, maximum of five.  There are too many options to list, so please contact us with any questions.

The Continental LHR (Lumbar Head Rest) theater chair is the ultimate home theater room recliner. Packed with features designed to deliver comfort and fun, you might finally have found the seat of your dreams!

The Continental is more than just a luxury media room recliner with all the bells and whistles. A superb diamond stitch pattern runs down the seating areas and flanks the outside arms. The impact is powerful and when combined with the subtle blue ambient base lighting, will blow you away with its good looks and extreme comfort.

Power controls on the inside arm form the nexus of this seat and operate a host of important functions like power lumbar adjust. Simply push a button and find the lumbar support that works best for your body. The same controls will also recline the seat back and raise the footrest. The headrest is also operated via a power button. Did we mention there is also a USB charger located on the arm for your mobile phones and tablets? Hidden storage in the armrests exists to ensure you never lose your remotes or books again. Can you see all the possibilities here?

The Continental is designed to deliver quality and exceptional value for money. Constructed with a solid hardwood frame residing on top of a steel recline mechanism, this chair is built to last. The seat cushion is made with pocket coils which is similar in concept to having a small mattress located under you when you relax. This is the only way to go if you want your chairs to maintain their form over years of everyday use. The coils maintain their resilience when compared to the dacron wrapped fiber fills found in most recliners today.

The innovative accessory dock is a key feature on all our chairs and this model is no exception. Enjoy access to the full range of optional add-ons through the dock that is located in the front portion of the armrest. Some of our most popular options are the tray tables, reading lights, phone holders, wine glass holders, and popcorn bowl.

Straight rows are available in a rich and superior black Italian top-grain leather under our stocking program, as well as a host of colors and additional covers under the My Octane custom order program.



Motorized Lumbar System

Automatically achieve optimal lower lumbar support for muscle relief and overall body wellness.

Motorized Headrest

Headrest can be articulated back and forward using power buttons on inside arm switch.

German Motors

Best in class motors that are quiet and smooth for the ultimate in power recline.

Italian Leather Upholstery

We source our luxurious leathers from the finest Italian tanneries.

USB Dock Power Switch

Each power switch includes either a single or dual USB docking station to power up your devices.

Accessory Dock

The dock enables you to add accessories including tray tables, phone holder, wine holder, etc.