Klipsch Forte IV

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First introduced in 1985, the Forte quickly established itself as the most popular Klipsch model. The elegant design and outstanding performance made the Forte a standout among its competitors. In 2017, Klipsch re-introduced the Forte as part of the Heritage speaker series with the Forte III.

The new Forte IV expands on the success of the version III, with similar cosmetics except for the new "silver luster" grill, but with a completely re-voiced sound largely due to a nicer crossover, improving on the upper bass and lower brightness in the treble, making it more pleasant in all situations.  


  • High efficiency, full range loudspeaker
  • Designed and made in the USA with domestic and imported components
  • 15" Passive Radiator for full range performance
  • Book-Match wood veneer sold as grain-matched pairs
  • Built to last
  • An all-new K-702 midrange compression driver ensures exceptional detail and dynamics.
  • The titanium diaphragm high-frequency driver has a new wide dispersion phase plug for a wider, more accurate sweet spot.

Priced each, not per pair, as some people buy three for LCR purposes.  

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