Audia Flight Strumento no. 8 Mono Power Amplifier- Silver

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STRUMENTO N°8 Mono-block Power Amplifier

After completing the long development process for the original Strumento N°4 Stereo Power Amplifier we next sought to redefine the mono-block power amplifier state of the art. As in its single chassis stereo sibling, the Strumento N°8 is a nearly perfect power amplifier that exhibits incredible response speeds (bandwidth greater than 1MHz), massive output power (up to 2000 Watts), and thanks to its status as a mono-block amplifier unlimited speaker driving/control capability. With the advantage of using a single amplifier for each channel, a pair of Strumento N°8 Mono-block Power Amplifiers are able to surpass the performance of the incredible Strumento N°4 mk2 Stereo Power Amplifier. 

With a mono-block power amplifier in mind we’ve used our trained human ears to aide us with circuit refinements (such small, but critical changes include 
the value of resistors and capacitors). This effort has allowed us to more closely achieve our goal of sonic perfection with the Strumento N°8, much like 
a luthier uses years of experience, craftsmanship, and keen ear to find the perfect tonal character and emotional response for their instruments. 
One stereo Strumento N°4 mk2 or two mono-block Strumento N°8: which do you need? How close to perfection do you picture your system?

The Strumento N°8 chassis begins its life as an ultra high grade, bespoke aluminum cast. After the CNC finishing work is completed, every part is then 
closely inspected and “mirror polished” by hand. Some critical areas are further finished by hand, with shot peening and anodization completing the 
beautiful metal work. The final touch is an elegant silk-screening process.

Within the beautiful casework of the Strumento N°8 one finds yet more attention to detail and incredible Italian craftsmanship. There you will find a fully balanced circuitry, carefully selected ultra high grade components throughout, a massive power supply built with extra low impedance, ultra high grade capacitors (190.400µF alone on the main power supply), custom printed boards with an extra high-grade surface copper, and ultra pure copper bars in the output stages. But we have chosen to not stop there with the Strumento N° 8 Mono-block Power Amplifier! The Strumento N° 8’s power supply is comprised of two super high current power supplies for its single channel and four stabilized independent stages: two for the input stages and two for the Audia Flight current feedback stage. The gain stage’s power supply is designed to achieve extremely low noise, the filter is made by ultra-fast rectifiers and extra low impedance capacitors. Two 150VA toroidal audio transformers are used for the main stages and one 15VA toroidal transformer is used for the logic control and protections. The main power supply is made by n.28 6.800µF 63V extra low impedance capacitors. No fuses are found in the main power supply for the output stage (we find fuses are like a “resistors” and can negatively impact the sound), instead a current sensor read by microprocessor is employed.

The amplifier’s gain stage is an exclusive Audia Flight design consisting of an entirely class A current-feedback circuitry. To further isolate this critical part of the amplification process from interference and grant thermal stabilization for all of its discrete components, the gain stage is enclosed within an aluminum box and encapsulated in an epoxy resin. Meanwhile, the output stage of the Strumento N°8 is powered by a 
massive 3000VA custom made audio transformer, encapsulated by epoxy resin and sealed within two ferromagnetic shields. Ultra-fast rectifiers instead of fuses are used on the main power supply for the output stage.

With every circuit detail addressed, we then turn to mechanical details to complete this masterpiece! When the amplifier is on a shelf, the power transformers, located on an independent chassis, are physically decoupled from the audio circuit chassis, thus discharging to ground any spurious vibrations from the transformers should they be present.

A masterpiece in aesthetics and electronics in a single chassis, the Strumento N°8 Mono-block Power Amplifier is the perfect choice for your perfect system.

Technical Data

Output power per channel Watts RMS @ 8/4/2 Ohm500/1000/2000W

Gain 29 dB

Input sensitivity 1.41 Volts RMS

Frequency response (1W RMS -3dB) 0,3 Hz ÷ 1 MHz

Slew-Rate (@ 8 Ohm) > 200 V/µS

THD < 0,05 %

S/N Ratio 110 dB

Input impedance Unbalanced 7,5 kOhm

Balanced 7,5 kOhm

Damping factor (@ 8 Ohm) > 1000

Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) 100, 110-115, 220-230, 240 V

Stand-by Power consumption less than 1W

Nominal Power consumption (no signal) 330W

Power consumption (600W RMS @ 8ohm) 1100 W

Dimensions and weight 450x280x500mm (W x H x D) - 95kg

Shipping dimensions and weight 580x410x700mm (W x H x D) - 125kg