Klipsch KI-396-SMA-II

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The Klipsch KI-396-SMA-II has incredible output capability with exceptional low-distortion clarity. The compact 22.5° symmetrical, trapezoidal design houses a 15” high-excursion cast frame heavy-duty woofer, a large 3” titanium high-frequency compression driver and a 90°x60° Tractrix® "Mumps" Horn. These horns exhibit improved coverage control than earlier generations of Tractrix Horns.

The KI-396-SMA-II permanent install speaker has 16 suspension points (4 per side) for flexible mounting and rigging bar compatibility and includes an internal high current full-range crossover.

As a personal note, due to the large compression driver, relatively low crossover point, and large voice coil on the woofer, these are exceptional for higher volume rock music... deep and dark cymbal crashes, low fatigue, stop on a dime bass, super thick and tight kick drums, and magical bass guitar harmonics that are blended perfectly thanks to the perfect voicing.  These are an easy choice for higher output home theater and rock music listening.  

Due to the popularity of this speaker in homes, we offer a custom version of this that is a little more appropriate for home use.  We delete the flypoints mentioned above, build it out of MDF instead of plywood, use large rubber feet on the bottom, and finish it with the matte black finish that was found on the Forte III special editions.  These are not stocked, must be custom built.  There are no stock pictures of this version, please contact us for details.  


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