Cary Audio SLI-80HS

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For many years the SLI-80 integrated amplifier has been the standard by which all other vacuum tube integrated amplifiers are judged…period! As Cary Audio’s entry into the magic of vacuum tube music systems, it’s nothing short of stunning. Thousands of music lovers all over the world have heard and seen the virtues of this spectacular vacuum tube integrated amplifier.

The new SLI-80HS (Heritage Series) maintains the integrity of its past. Its circuit uses very little feedback which gives it incredible transparency and detail in the music while providing bass texture and impact that belies its rated power output. Solid-state rectification adds excellent pace to the music and offers improved dynamics and bass detail over earlier versions. The depth of sound and transparency will cause you to snap your head in disbelief as you look to see the musicians performing in front of you. A pair of toggle switches select either triode mode producing 40 watts per channel of pure Class A power, or ultra-linear mode which doubles power to 80 watts per channel in Class AB. If you’re listening to more subtle music and want to hear all of the inner detail and richness, select triode mode for the most lifelike imaging and tonal accuracy. Or, if you want to really let loose, switch to ultra-linear mode and enjoy the extra power and dynamics. Your choice!

For several years now, the world renown loudspeaker company, Klipsch, has been using the SLI-80 at various audio shows around the world in combination with their award-winning Heritage Series product line. From the famous Klipschorns to the Heresy III and all models in between, the combination is amazing. As a result of this collaboration, Cary Audio has partnered with Klipsch to design a version of the SLI-80 to directly complement their Heritage Series product line. Black Ash, Cherry, and Walnut wood side panels are available below as an additional accessory of the new SLI-80HS (Heritage Series) integrated amplifier to match the various finishes of the loudspeakers in the Klipsch Heritage Series. The visual effect is amazing!


Please note: there are several upgrades available on these including cage covers, Mundorf SilverGold Caps, Jensen Caps, Hexfred rectifiers, Greyhill Switch, WBT Speaker Binding Posts, silver color, and Kimber Kable wired inputs, but listing them all is too confusing, please contacts us if you need anything other than the basic amp and maybe the matching side panels.