Cleer Next Audiophile Headphones

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The Cleer "Next" headphones are the most comfortable ones we carry.  Extremely soft earcups with sheepskin over memory foam, head band and ear cups that are more oval shaped than other designs, plus high end materials are used throughout.  The presentation including the shipping box and soft case is really only bested by the Klipsch HP3.  From the manufacturer:


Bold and articulate sound.

Melding form and function a luxurious, open-back, alloy structure provides the foundation from which the innovative ironless magnesium driver units emote bold and articulate, high-resolution sound as soft sheepskin and memory foam caress you in comfort.


Alloy construction

6061-T6 aluminum was chosen for its light weight, high-strength, and workability, in this case resulting in an eye-catching design that’s equally as comfortable.


Open back

The open-back design provides two immediate benefits: natural, spacious, sound reproduction devoid of coloration, and improved transient response-the headphone’s ability to respond to sudden changes within the waveform. Given a quiet space and a clean source, there’s no other.


Ironless Magnesium driver units

Finely crafted magnesium alloy drivers benefit from low mass, high-rigidity, and high internal damping for exceptional audio reproduction. When mated to the innovative, ironless magnet structure, the result is efficient and linear, wideband frequency response for vivid and nuanced, high-resolution sound.


3D earpads

Especially shaped to surround the ear and hug the contours of the head, memory foam earpads deliver a superb wearing experience with the added benefit of enhanced acoustic performance.



  • Lightweight, open, alloy structure for resonance-free listening
  • 40mm ironless magnesium drivers for vivid and nuanced Hi-Res sound
  • 3D earpads offer enhanced acoustic seal and long-term fit
  • Sheepskin and memory foam earpads provide luxurious comfort
  • Quad-core, four-conductor cable for efficient connectivity
  • LEMO® push-pull, self-latching connectors for solid connectivity
  • 1.5m audio cable, ¼″ audio adaptor, and carrying pouch supplied