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RO8111 Douglas Home Entertainment Seating


RO8111-08P Two-Arm Power Recliner Dimension: 37" x 36" x 43"
RO8111-11P LSF 1-Arm Power Recliner Dimension: 30" x 36" x 43"
RO8111-12P RSF 1-Arm Power Recliner Dimension: 30" x 36" x 43"
RO8111-01P Armless Power Recliner Dimensions: 24" x 36" x 43"

Power Recline with USB Port
Removable Metal Black Cupholders
Smart Box Design (No Back Flap)
Liner to Catch Coins
Ganging Devices Included
100% Top Grain Leather

Lighted LED Cupholders (LC)
Choice of Leather Color

Specifications within 1" accurate at time of printing.
Specifications are subject to change without notification.
Revised 8/17


PLEASE NOTE: All seating is made to order due to the vast number of options.  Delivery times typically average 8 to 10 weeks.