Klipschorn AK6

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The iconic Klipschorn is the original, three-way, fully horn-loaded loudspeaker that laid the foundation for the Klipsch brand. In its latest rendition, this historic speaker boasts an all-new neodymium tweeter, premium wire management system, and fully-enclosed design for flexible placement. These are priced each, not per pair.  

Please note: these are made on demand, please contact us if you would like to order some.  



  • Fully Horn-Loaded Three-Way Loudspeaker
  • All-New Neodymium Tweeter
  • All-New Enclosed Low Frequency Horn Design
  • Premium Input and Wire Management System
  • Book-Matched Wood Veneer
  • Designed and Engineered in the USA

Priced as singles, not per pair. Some people buy odd amounts for LCR's.